Rudy L. Billings

  Red Hot Rose




By Any Other Name…

Almost a year after Lorelei Sims demonstrated her technique for forging roses, 
I finally tried my hand at it. I enjoy creating these as each one is unique. 
The patina is a hand-painted transparent dye with a clear-coat.

Sapphire Rose


Blacksmith Crosses





 Thanks Jerry!
It’s amazing all the things you can learn from the talent in our group. Jerry Achterberg showed me the magic of the Fredricks cross and I have been giving them to friends ever since.

 They sell very well also!


Fireplace Poker


Coffee Table Art
A branding iron for a friend with the initials LAM. He displays it on his coffee table. What an honor!


Moo Horse

The client originally had a cow carved in the center of this large plaque which did not go with the theme.

 I was commissioned to replace the cow with a metal image.

The cow was chiseled away to leave a place for the repousse’d mustang.



Latest fun project ~ kinetic steel sculpture.