Balcones Forge Meeting Info

Meetings are open to everyone -- you do not have to be a member to attend, but to participate in any activities, you must be a member.
Meetings are usually held on the last Saturday of each month and start at 9:30
but subject to change. Be sure to check the schedule below.


Other things to bring:
Hearing protection, notepad, camera, folding chair/bleacher seat cushion,
drinking water, returning library book/video, "Iron in the Hat" auction item, "show-n-tell" item,
trade item/competition item. Competition items are creations that take time and effort,
so you get to keep your item. Sometimes the items are judged and prizes awarded.

Texas Wendish Fest

September 26
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday
Historic Serbin, Texas (near Giddings)

Bring your forge, your anvil, your items to sell, 
bring your family, your appetite,
at least bring your hammer.

Forging will take place all day. Plan to have fun.

Blackhawk Forge

October 16
8AM - Noon
Zorn, Texas

Demo Day
Knifemaking, Blacksmithing, Flypress, Power Hammer


Alex Ruiz-Bladesmith James Helm-Bladesmith Haley Woodward-Blacksmith Terry Estes-Blacksmith

2780 Dreibrodt Rd, San Marcos, TX

Remember -- "There is only one reason a blacksmith will

not tell you something. He or she is about to show you."

                                                              -- RLB