Balcones Forge Meeting Info

Meetings are open to everyone -- you do not have to be a member to attend.
Meetings are usually  held on the last Saturday of each month and start at 9:30,
but subject to change. Be sure to check schedule below.


Other things to bring:
Hearing protection, notepad, camera, folding chair/bleacher seat cushion,
drinking water, returning library book/video, "Iron in the Hat" auction item, "show-n-tell" item,
trade item/competition item. Competition items are creations that take time and effort,
so you get to keep your item. Usually the items are judged and prizes awarded.

September 24th
Wendish Fest
Open Forge so bring your anvil and/or forge, along with your favorite hammer, a project, or just some questions to try to stump some of the seasoned blacksmiths. They love sharing their knowledge.
Serbin, Texas


Coming Up

    November - Blanco Buggy Barn - Details to be announced

December - Devine, Texas