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Leg Vice Prices in 1913 from Alamo Iron


Links of Interest

Blacksmith Classes in Central Texas
Austin Community College -- best place to learn blacksmithing in the country
Metalshop Studio - Brady Foster

ABANA - The Artist-Blacksmith Association of North America  Comprehensive list of blacksmithing organizations

GCBA - Gulf Coast Blacksmith Association

HABA - Houston Area Blacksmiths Association

NTBA - North Texas Blacksmiths Association

Metal Artist Forum Good source of info

ANVILFIRE.COM  Lots of stuff of interest to Blacksmiths  More good info

Hearing Info  Online Test - Prevention - Solutions

Treadle Torch Plans  How to make with a gas saver. Click on pix for better view.

Interesting 300 lb diesel-driven hammer  Classes on welding and forging

A Manual of Practical Instruction in the Art of Brass Repoussé for Amateurs


Links to Balcones Forge Member Sites

Lorenzo Fortunato

Valerie Ostenak

Terry Ross

Rudy Billings

Links to Suppliers

Pieh Tool  Blacksmith and Farrier Supplies

Blacksmith Bolt & Rivet Supply  Convenient Source of Old-Timey Fasteners

Centaur Forge  Blacksmiths and Horseshoer's Supplies

Chile Forge  Next Generation Gas Forges

Anyang Power Hammers  Small to Large Power Hammers

A Cut Above  Abrasives

Blacksmith's Depot  Wide Selection of Anvils, Tools, etc.

Nimba  Anvils

SculptNouveau  Patinas for iron and other forging metals

Old World Anvils  Anvils, Gas Forges, Hand Tools

McMaster-Carr  Everything under the sun, the best online catalog store, and fantastic delivery

Government Liquidation Site  A link to the Government surplus and scrap material marketplace