Joe Travieso

I finished with my log splitter press.  I have seen some other log splitters converted like this on you tube and felt it could work for me. I didn’t put in a lot of measurements in this description because the press you start out with may be different from mine, but you can see what I did and can adjust to things suit your press.

This is the splitter when I started. I only got to use it once to split logs. The first thing I did was to remove the ram and grind the edge of the wedge off. The wedge is an inch wide, so the flat is now about ½ inch across. I found some 1inch plate at a salvage yard and a 4 inch square by 6 inch long solid steel stock that I used for the anvil. I cut the plate and wielded it to the wedge

Now the ram is 3 inches wide. But I wanted the ram and the anvil to be the same size, so I added a 1x4 inch plate to the front. This way the die plates could all be cut the same size.

The next thing you need to do is attach the anvil. I did this by drilling two holes in the bottom of the base plate and into the anvil, then threading just the anvil. Now all you need is two 3/8 inch bolts and the base is complete. At this point I trimmed the plate and the anvil up to make everything even


Now all that’s left to do is make some dies. I found some 2 inch 4142 round stock at a supply house here in town. They had some drops and I got 2 feet for $35. I cut off 7 ½ inches and used the press to square up the stock for flat dies, you can make these any size you want, my dies are 4 ¼ long X 1 3/4 thick X 2 ¼ inches wide. I welded the dies to some 3/8 inch plate, added some guide rails so I could change dies easily. I had to change the guide rails because the stock I used is too thin and I was afraid they would not hold, they may but I think in this case more is better.



The only hard part to all of this is the cutting and welding. I have a small welder and a metal cutting band saw so it took a while to get it done, but I have more time than money so it was worth it.

This weekend I’m going to put it to work making some W pattern Damascus.