Gary Hilton


Gary and his Armadillo

Sue and the Armadillo
A standard axe on the left made from 4140 and is from one piece of stock. The axe on the right is a Viking style axe made from mild steel for the body and 1075 carbon steel for the bit.

Mandrels, eye drifts, and small railroad track anvil used to create the axes


Beep beep!

Sand Hill Crane


The two birds are about 4' tall, overall sculpture 5'.


Hummer (about 6')

A 3' Hummingbird



Sue and the rabbit


Sue and the Bar Maid (with a serious problem - or is that Madonna in 20 years?)


Tropical West Texas


Buffalo Hunter

Buffalo Horse


Buffalo Hunter


Made from 8" ID casing that weighs about 33 lbs/ft and some of the leaves are made from old roofing tin that I found in the front yard. The blue leaves are from a barrel.


The two palm tree chicken trees are both from 6" ID casing and the leaves are from 16 gauge sheet.

Outer layer of fur is made from 100 lbs of 1/8" welding rod



The pig has a 1904 McClellan saddle that makes Pig riding easier




Buffalo is 20 gauge sheet over 1/4" rd used to make the skeleton. About 30" high. Torch welded. Horns and ears forged.

Palm tree made from casing and sheet metal about 7.5' high.  Chicken sheet over skeleton.


Long faced blacksmith and one of his pigs

55 gallon pig and friends

A jackrabbit



Legs are from 1 1/4" round stock. Top is woven flat stock

Legs are made from 5/8" round stock. Top is woven flat stock


New York Park bench copied from the Anvil's Ring Vol 34 Number 1, 2005. Wood is Western Red Cedar 4"x12"x12' and legs are 1" round stock.


This bench is about 8' long and the legs are 1" round bar







Stand with sink: legs are from 7/8" round stock

The Shop Bird




Soft leaf yucca. Flower stem is 1/2" round stock and leaves are forged 1/8" or 3/16" by 1" flat stock.


Another palm it's native environment

Plants Stands or Table Frames