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For Sale

Swage Block
Nice size with stand
4" x 10" x 14" 
110 lbs.


Large Leg Vise
"+ jaws  -- 127 lbs. 
Made by Singer Nimick & Co. 
In the 1800's, in great shape


Mouse Hole Anvil
4140 steel top & upset block
Great rebound at 90%
198 lbs

75lb. Post vice
5-1/2" jaws, good threads

3 to 6lbs. $30 to $50

Large Bench Vice
97lb. Yost 33c in very good condition

Striker Anvil/Post Vice
202 lbs. $600.  Has an 8" x 10" x 1 1/2" AR steel plate with great rebound 90%, very durable. 1" hardy hole. 65# in great working order. The legs are sand filled dead blow and very quiet. This is a wonderful blacksmith tool for your shop.

l Terry at 512-734-5341

For Sale

2'x4' forge with Centaur 12" fire pot and Centaur hood; Champion hand crank blower; 55 gal drum forge with wind shield and tool rack (12"fire pot fits drum forge); #50 coal; stovepipe.  $750 OBO

Contact at or call 325 347-7311


For Sale

One 20lbs tank and the large one approx 5' tall.
They could both be yours for the low price of $75

This ROLLER/bender makes great radii/circles. It's yours for $80

Large pipe bender
I've made long smooth curves on 1.5" pipe with this thing. Works great. $40

Chip Cramer

For Sale
Contact Gary Hilton

Cast iron rivet forge: $150.00 
19" OD. It has one thin crack which I have braced to stop further cracking.

3.5 lb Czech cross peen hammer
Made by Nathan Robertson, 1045 steel, peen has a large radius, maybe 3/4" or 7/8", $125 if shipped, $110 if picked up.

Jim Linzy Farrier Anvil
115 lbs, 1" hardy hole, 1/2" pritchel hole, face width 3.5", Face length 15", horn length 11", footprint 10" w by 15" lg. There is a slot cut across the face in front of the pritchel hole. I think it's there to make punching nail holes easier.  Very good shape. Price is $460. Pick up only.
Contact Gary Hilton


For Sale
 I'm selling my custom built heat treat oven.

220V, 3000W with heavy-gauge Kanthal element
18" x 6" x 8" chamber
2300F rated firebrick
Welded steel frame with stainless steel body
Does not include the PID controller, but the heavy K Type thermocouple is included.



For Sale
Desmond Stephan Simplex 81P Vise

It is huge and heavy with 8" jaws.
Includes stand.

There were some repairs performed as you can see and the vise has been
welded on to a thick piece of steel that is in similar shape of the
vise base. Looks to be a very good and solid repair. Came out of an
aerospace company here in San Antonio that did a lot of contract work
for the military.

I have never removed it from the stand but the bolts holding it on do
turn and the base of the vise is not welded on to the stand.

$600 OBO

Text or Call Tim Calvin at 906.282.1116
Location: San Antonio, TX


All Things Blacksmithing

Buy sell or trade all things related to Blacksmithing. I'm located right here in Austin, TX. 
I look forward to hearing from you.
I have 17 power hammers to choose from, 
Anvils, Forges, Tongs, Hammers, Vises, Hardies, and much much more!

Please contact Andrew Alexander (972)824-0041