Daniel Smith



This is forge welded angle iron to form the flower petals. The piece hangs on the wall with a hidden connection. The whole thing can disassemble by removing one nut on the back.


This is forged and fabricated. the metal shade forge welded together then welded to the mirror side of it. The center shaft is tubing that is threaded for disassembly. The glass shade was blown by Helen Tegeler.


This is another forge welded angle iron flower. I didn't like how it looked in 3d so I pressed it under a fly press to resemble a flower pressed in a book. The flower is away from the background by about 2 inches. The patina is ferric chloride and Johnson's paste wax.


This is a sculpture based on my concrete construction experience. the form is based on making a combination curb and sidewalk. I have always appreciated the aesthetics of the metal forms. The broken concrete is to symbolize building the new off of the old.


This is my second attempt at making a forge welded angle iron flower. This is my favorite one. It mounts on the wall. The original idea came from seeing a piece of flattened angle in the scrap bin. The metal is flattened then folded in on itself then forge welded to make the taper. The other end is then made into a scarf for welding to the stem.