As some of you know many of our member teach classes and have skills that they are willing to share. 
Below is a list of the members and the classes that they offer as well as contact information.

Matt Pohorelsky - Sky Metal Design
 Learn to forge steel with Sky Metal Design!
Our projects will teach you several basic hammer skills such as isolating, pointing, spreading, and hot cutting metal.  We'll use different parts of the anvil to shape, texture, and draw out material.  Finish one project with time left in the day and begin a second project that relies on lessons already learned and adds more techniques to further your new skills.  Students will draw a taper, learn to fuller a bend, and create incredible works.  More projects await students with exceptional hand-eye coordination.

Classes are available from four hours sessions to a full semester curriculum.

Controlled Hand Forging is the perfect introduction to smithing processes used by blacksmiths throughout time.  Beginners Welcome*** Classes are structured for multiple skill levels and are open to ages 12 and up.  Younger students will be considered on a case by case basis.  All safety gear and training included in the costs.  Classes taught one-on-one in our forge in Elgin, TX.
If you are interested in taking a class, please email us at for more information.  Check out our Instagram @skymetaldesign

Start with 6.5 inches high carbon steel (1/8 x 1)
Forge to shape / to include tapered full tang
Profile shape by grinding on round wheel (36 & 60 grit)
Establish plunge cut by flat grinding (36 & 60 grit)
Continue full blade grinding (36 & 60 grit) then advance to 120 grit
Edge quench:  heat 1/3 edge with torch to critical temp (non magnetic)
              immediately immerse red hot blade into 120-149 degree quenching medium
 withdraw after count of 10 and air cool
Draw desired temper with the torch tip
Continue grinding with 120, 220 respectively, then sharpen until it shave
Test cutting ability on a 2x4 by driving point into wood a pull the blade towards you to test point, and then chop 2x4 in half.  Should still shave
Hand sanding, polishing, and handle application follow.

Process takes two days of 10 hours each
Classes taught on a one-on-one basis
at my forge in Bulverde, TX. 
Email for details.